Before the internet and email, people communicated by phone calls, faxes, delivery and the US Postal Service.  When you needed something NOW, you would either pay a delivery service or fax the documents.  When you needed information immediately,  you would pick up the phone and make a call. Someone would actually answer the phone. This might also surprise you but that person you were calling would actually answer the phone. They might have a receptionist but a live person would actually direct your call. Then technology started advancing faster and as computers made their way into more businesses so did the very impersonal answering machines. Hit 1 for English 2 for Spanish then Hit 1 for customer service, 2 for Billing, 3 for support, 4 for deal of the day, 5 you forgot what every other option was, 6 you keep listening but still haven't heard your department, 7 why are you still listening to options or Zero for the operator! If you aren't disconnected you might actually speak to a human.  We still were sending customers thank you cards and gifts in the mail.

Then EMAIL took over.  Not only were we not listening to multiple options on a phone but now we could just send documentation instantly. We went from spending money on postage and even started emailing thank you cards and adding a digital gift.  We basically lost the personal touch. Emails started coming in at a 100 or more a day! Advertisers needed to save money so they transitioned to email. When you just think things couldn't get worse, text messaging became a norm in business.  Sending someone a text or email became the norm to say Happy Birthday, Thank You, Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Good Job, Miss you or some just stopped all together sending any type of cards.

The final blow was the cost of actually using the postal service.  Greeting cards sky rocketed in price and postage has increased, almost doubled. We got out of the habit of going to the store, finding a card, writing a nice message, addressing the envelope, finding a stamp and then mailing the card.  Technology was to blame for this behavior so why not let technology fix this behavior?

Send Out Cards is the fix!  The days of going to your mailbox and it being full of bills, junk mail and the occasional greeting card, are a thing of the past! What is the future is personalized cards made by you for