Starting long before 2017 the way we used media began to change. The internet made things that were financially impossible to most people, possible. The FCC started big changes in 2016 that would affect the way media companies conduct business. Rules that were implemented years prior were eliminated. If you are in local major network media, this should make you think. In many cities the change was quicker. In Topeka, we believe that many of our media people enjoyed putting their heads in the sand. Others took on a second job, knowing that their current job might be eliminated any day. Many people's jobs were eliminated and are being outsources. Regardless, the way we listen or view media is not going to stop changing and that is why we have to be ahead of the game. The Local Media Collective is just that. We are all locally owned and want to help our community be the best we can be!

We were excited to join forces with The Social Butterflies From Kansas to make this journey into the new way to use local media and help make everyone superstars!

Television, Radio, and even Print will not go away! The way we use them changed. All trends come full circle so even if it appears they are, they will not.

Topeka is lucky to have local media in all of those categories.

Our companies are just one part of the Local Media Collective. We work very closely with many companies who can provide any service you will need for your business!

We look forward to helping your business be successful on your budget! We have something for everyone! We pack a big punch and can help relieve you from unnecessary stress, leaving you more time to do what you do best, run your business!