The website's name says it all! We will included everything that is Topeka! We maintain a very fun filled calendar or events and daily food and drink specials.  We keep updating the website to help those who live or visit our awesome town informed on all the cool things available to them!  We will not turn anyone away. Businesses can complete the Business Profile for Free and list their business on the website for free. We have very affordable yearly fees to upgrade your website! We send out a weekly email letting those on the list know what the weekend in Topeka has in store for them.

The Topeka Newsletter began in 2006 as an email that went out to Field of Greens and The Break Room customers. Soon, we saw a need to help all the businesses in downtown Topeka! This was the time where the internet was really starting to take shape as a tool to help promote businesses. The Topeka Newsletter is a free resource for locally owned businesses! We also accept submissions for authors and those who like to write! The Topeka Newsletter went from a monthly email to a one page webpage each month with over 72 pages of information about Topeka! 2014 is when we decided that it was time to take The Topeka Newsletter to the next level. was born in April of 2015. With no budget or advertisers, friends worked together to create an awesome website!

Now we try to provide any business in Topeka a way to be found and advertise their business!

The website is funded by advertisers and profile upgrades! We are committed to helping anyone who has a dream to be successful in Topeka!!

We are excited to see what the future holds! We are also excited to work with many other local advertising alternatives! Working together as a team to help any size business be as successful as they can dream!

If you are interested in upgrading your profile or advertising please contact Andrea with A HA Moment Marking and she will get your started on a path to internet stardom!!