Welcome to the NEW golden age of television, welcome to TV25!
We are excited to introduce TV25, a modern and innovative television station featuring 12 distinct networks that cater directly to specific, savvy and otherwise elusive demographics.
TV25 was founded by passionate and driven direct sales and marketing experts who came together to create a distinctive product and limitless opportunity for those looking for a new way to be successful.
We are dedicated to serving creative entrepreneurs like you! As the only over‐the‐air television station covering two DMAs and providing 12 premium cable like networks for free, TV25 is the most innovative TV station in the United States.
The way people watch television has changed dramatically in recent years. With skyrocketing costs, a majority of viewers no longer find value in cable or satellite television. HULU and Netflix allows access to programs and movies anytime and at much lower rates. The missing pieces these viewers are looking for, but can’t find are: 24‐hour news, weather, music, sports and specialty channels.
TV25 was specifically designed to fill in all of those gaps. Our networks are popular with millennials AND baby boomers. There is truly something for everyone!
Best of all, we don’t cost viewers a dime. 
If you are searching for a new way to make your advertising dollars count, you just found it. 
Welcome to TV25!  “Always something on!”
Call 855‐TV25‐2525 today!