I was born and raised in Topeka, KS. I sort of feel into my marketing when our family opened our first Restaurant, Field of Greens. It wasn't until we opened The Break Room that I really started to use social media to help promote our events.  We could never afford TV, Radio or Newspaper. Our family is very tech smart and love to keep up to date on the newest things. I believe I had the first business page in Topeka. I started my profile as a marketing tool for the restaurants and eventually the entire city of Topeka! My love of helping people is why after spending many years listening to all sides, I came up with Local Media Collective. This would bring all the local medias together and instead of working against each other, we would all work together. We are building our own empire using small locally owned companies. We have an advertising department, Marketing Department, Branding Department and many other departments made up of locally owned businesses! When you have a question, more than likely, it will be answered by the owner!

2007 - The Topeka Newsletter was born. I grew our restaurant newsletter to include all of downtown Topeka.

2008 - The Topeka Newsletter expanded to include all locally businesses in Topeka and local events.

2016 - EverythingTopeka.com was launched and it took my 72 page email/webpage and made it into a functional website. The only website in Topeka that includes EVERYTHING!

2017 - I brought together locally owned medias and other locally owned business that help add BAM! to your business (Branding, Advertising, Marketing) Working together just makes sense. We call ourselves the Local Media Collective! We are starting a new journey to keep up with the times and the changes happening to the big corporate media companies! We want to keep media local.

2018 - May 1, 2018 I became one of the two Social Butterflies from Kansas. They are very famous internet superstars. They use positive energy to help positively promote their community. They work to help businesses realize how important the internet and other BAM! is to grow their business.

My main job is accounting but I spend more of my time helping others become internet superstars! (Just not as famous as me, that would be impossible!)

I recently added Relationship Marketing to the mix and now I get to make people smile!